Five years back, “coupon” was a dirty word to many trusted online retailers. While coupons and discounts were viewed as necessary, they held a negative connotation.

Today, things are different. Discounts and coupons are regularly used by retailers and are actually seen as a highly effective tool for driving sales.

But what changed?

Like a shopper, you get a clear, monetary benefit. As the retailer, coupons incentivize shoppers to purchase, create brand loyalty, and allow one to easily diversify your promotional marketing.

In this article, we’ll cover:

The benefits of coupon promotions
How to use coupon promotions to operate a vehicle sales
How to create coupons in Shopify to suit your promotional needs
How and why you should control coupon distribution
Let’s begin!

Everything You Need to Know About Online Coupon Codes

Why MUST I Use Coupons?
EASILY wasn’t in a position to sell you on coupons earlier, this will. At Shopify Unite, Daria Kourilina threw out some mindblowing stats on coupons :

17% of most Shopify orders use coupons
Stores are 8X much more likely to produce a sale when coupons are being used
221 million coupon codes were created on Shopify in 2016
Exactly what does this tell us? First, retailers are buying into coupons as an efficient way to provide value to shoppers and drive sales. When you could be a rebel rather than use online codes on your store, the numbers reveal that you definitely should be.

Key Store Owner Benefits of Using Discount Promotions
Promotions increase sales

E-commerce promotions capitalize on online consumer behavior which makes it easier for you to sell to shoppers despite how much competition is out there.

The misconception with sales promotions is that you have to offer crazy discounts or incentives to drive sales conversions. While bigger incentives may be more appealing, a tiny incentive can still make an optimistic effect on sales and you simply won’t have to diminish your margins drastically.

Promotions create an improved sales strategy


We all have been aware that November and December drive almost ¼ of most e-commerce income but there are other opportunities out there that you can capitalize on. Think Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day and so forth.

By running promotions around key dates and holidays, you can convert more sales and add value to keep shoppers coming back. It’s also important to consider that you’ll face less competition promotion wise on these key dates that aren’t during the big holidays. Have a look at this e-commerce promotional calendar to pinpoint the next big sales opportunity!

Convert an increased percentage of traffic

On average, 98% of new visitors don’t convert into a lead or sale? The vast majority of the traffic that you finish up driving to your internet site results nothing. Yes, some of these new visitors who don’t convert may come back at another time, nevertheless, you haven’t any way of focusing on how a lot of this traffic will return.

This puts heavy focus on converting the existing website visitors. Promotions provide a highly effective way to activate and convert traffic. Serving up an offer that says “Welcome! Take 15% from your first order. Enter your email to obtain the code” provides the possibility to drive sales but also targets capturing email leads which means you can retarget these visitors free of charge with email promotions.

Promotions are an efficient way to activate people


For simply a moment, think of your e-commerce store as a brick and mortar store. You’d never let someone walk through the front door without engaging them for some reason. Whether welcoming them, notifying them of current promotions, or providing them with some information, you have to engage that shopper.

The same applies to your e-commerce store and promotions. That is your chance to directly engage each shopper with something that could be of value to them. Utilizing a pop-up promotion to provide something of value to your visitors (discount, free shipping, free gift wrapping) this is only going to enhance their shopping experience.

With pop-ups, think key occasions throughout a visitor session. Upon entry, after exit, and on cart/checkout pages to place that final stamp on the sale!

Common Types of Discount Promotions to Run on your own Shopify Store
Percentage-Based Discount


The most frequent way to give a discount is with a share based discount. Trusted online retailers use small discounts (5-10% off), larger discounts (15-25% off) as incentives to purchase. It’s also common to see brands discount 50% or more to clear out old and excess inventory.

Who should utilize this offer?

Discounting can and really should be utilized by all retailers, but in several ways. Should your business has high-profit margins you’ll be able to afford offer higher discounts of 15-25% off and discount more often. With low-profit margins and high end brand appeal, turn to offer smaller discounts or less frequent sales promotions. If excess inventory is bogging you down then be rid from it with clearance discounts!

Dollar Amount Discount


Instead of supplying a percentage discount, you can discount by a particular dollar amount. This provides you with a static discount amount providing you more control of your product margins. These offers can even be positioned as a credit (take a $15 credit!) which can bring about better promotion redemption rates.

Who should utilize this offer?

If you’re seeking to enough time numbers game of percent discounts and have a static discount amount, a dollar amount discount may be your very best option.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is by far the biggest sales driver over summer and winter. 73% of online shoppers explained that free shipping is the #1 criterion for making a purchase. Free shipping is an offer that attracts nearly all shoppers and can significantly increase sales conversions.

Who should utilize this offer?

Shipping cost is largely predicated on size and weight which means that every business will have fluctuations in shipping cost. If free shipping works with your margins and cost structure then look to put it to use in your e-commerce online marketing strategy. If the cost is just too much, there are always a handful of ways to make it happen for your business. We will touch on these later on in the post.

Gift with Purchase

Offering a gift with purchase is a superb way to include value to the shopping experience while also driving sales. A little item is an excellent incentive and shoppers must fully checkout to be able to receive their gift.

Who should utilize this offer?

Have some promotional items or some items which just won’t sell? Use these things to close sales conversions. A gift with purchase can be that needed extra value to push shoppers to buy from you!

UK promo code site option that will automatically put in a free item to the shopping cart. In the event that you do operate a surprise with purchase promotion, make certain to let shoppers know that the free item will be contained in the order. To track things on your end, create a distinctive promo code because of this offer.

You can have endless savings by using promo codes. Promo codes are codes issued by companies with their users either in alphabetic or numeric form. You can also get promotion codes when shopping on the internet. Exactly why many people have started shopping on the internet is because of the many discounts and coupons. There are many benefits that you can manage using promo codes. You can check this out. Here are the benefits you’ll get by using promo codes.

1. Discounted Rates
One benefit for using online promotion codes gets discounted rates. If you’re shopping on the internet, the coupons or promo codes can reduce your total shipping costs of all your items. However, you should remember that you is only going to get free shipping if you get a certain range of things.

2. Get Free Products
Another benefit you’ll get by using promo codes is the fact you can get one free item after buying a particular product. If you do not get a free of charge product, make certain that you’ll get the product at half the regular price. This may either be the same product which you bought or any other item that your company wants to market.

3. Convenience
You can use coupon codes anytime which is most beneficial suitable for you. Some promo codes can take weeks or even months before they expire. This gives the shopper ample time to consider the best deals and purchase a product when they curently have enough money.

4. Easy Access
Promotion codes are quick and simple to access. You have to go online look for the online codes, and you’ll see different websites which are providing them. When you have a favourite web store you can join their newsletter to learn when the online codes are available. Another important things to note is the fact when you have the online codes, you can print them and use them in your favourite online stores.

5. Attracts New Customers
6 advantages of using promo codes 2
Using promo codes for your organization is a sure way of attracting clients to your establishment. Once you get new customers, your sales will be boosted giving you more revenue. Once prospective clients visit your websites, you have the ability of turning them into a return customer.

6. Reach do Smart Shopping
Nowadays it isn’t such a major deal to talk about your shopping experience with friends or family. The main thing is how you did the shopping. By using promo codes and online coupons, you can get a great potential for boasting to your friends about your smart shopping. Once you start saving cash with the coupons, you’ll get hooked to them.

There’s always a promo code which can be found whether it’s for online flash games, electronics, food supplies, apparel, and kitchen appliances. In addition to the convenience, smart shopping, attracting clients, easy access, getting discounted rates, getting free products that they provide always remember that you can stretch your budget by using online coupons.

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