The Good Old Rope for Fitness

You know a fitness trend is good when it comes round again and again. Battle ropes, for instance, are old school, yet used by many people willing to tone their body, build muscle and maintain a good fitness level.

Undulation: Between Technique and Art

The basic method of using battle ropes is waving them up and down. This undulation helps us work our body, as a certain amount of effort is needed to create those wave-like patterns in such a heavy rope. The result of these efforts is a complex workout, which involves all your muscles, your core included. The added benefits are the improvement of your coordination abilities, the increase of the muscular endurance and the strengthening of your cardiovascular system. As easy as it may sound, you can be sure this art of undulation requires quite a lot of effort from your side. It can make you sweat, but the good thing is that it is safe for anybody from fitness training beginners to gym addicts.

The Total Workout

If you don’t want to bother with lifting heavy weights, you can choose to sculpt your body with battle ropes instead. Waving the ropes around involves a range of motion that makes this activity safe, as it doesn’t trigger repetitive strain injuries. You can safely work out all muscle groups, without having to fear the consequences. You can burn fat and build lean muscle without any health hazard.

How to Start

You should start by integrating two or three rope training sessions into your regular workout routine. Try the exercises described below with a waist trainer on, and make them part of your fitness schedule. Ideally, you should build five or six intervals of each, in order to benefit the most out of your efforts. Do waist trainers work? With consistency, many have reported its effectiveness when incorporated with a workout such as the ropes.

Rope Workouts

The Wave

Waves are very easy to make. Besides, they are an excellent way to work your arms. Make sure you adopt a slightly squatted position, without bending your back. Flex your knees a little, tuck your elbows into your side and start moving your arms up and down. Your moves are going to create alternative waves in the rope. Once you manage to master the moves, you can go ahead and create a double wave by moving both your arms.

The Slam

As amazing as it may seem, you can work your core, back, shoulders and arms in one go, by simply doing the slam. This move consists from lifting both ends of the rope, and then slam it onto the floor by using your full force. Keep straight and repeat the slam for 30 seconds in a row.

The Circles

This move is going to help you strengthen your shoulders. Keep your hands together, while holding both ends of the rope. Start moving your arms in circles, while swinging the rope clockwise. After 30 seconds, stop and start doing the same thing, this time rotating counter-clockwise. If you want, you can move your arms independently from each other, either outwards or inwards.

The Fly

This exercise is going to be very good for your arms and back muscles. Start from a low squatting position, holding one end of the rope in each hand. Extend your arms forward and start whipping the rope in tandem, as if you were trying to fly.

The Wrestling Throws

Your core is going to thank you for this workout. Grab each end of the rope in one hand, keep your feel well-grounded, and flip the rope over, while doing a pivot move from the waist. Alternate left and right until you feel exhausted.

For aerobic fans, here’s a more serious workout to include in your daily practice:

The Burpee Slam

Alternate three slams with three burpees for at least one minute without stopping.

Rope training can be very effective and rewarding, as it can help you work all main muscle groups. For maximum benefits, you should ask your fitness instructor in the gym to show you more tips and workouts.

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