Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bongs Used for Vaping

If you happen to buy bong for the first time and are not much familiar with them, then below are some common FAQs.

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  1. How does bong work?

Smoke gets filtered through the down-stem from the bowl and gathers in the bong chamber. If the bong has a percolator, then the smoke will get filtered with it. Finally, the smoke will reach the end of the mouthpiece, and you can take your hit.

2. Whether water pipes will be better in comparison with dry pipes?

It will depend on your preferences and experience, as well as the situation. As an example, bongs are often large-sized in comparison to hand pipes or dry pipes, which will make them difficult to travel by concealing it.

3. How much does a bong cost?

Based on its type, quality, attachments, brand, design, and size, the price of bongs may vary from about $50 and go up to $500+. Any reasonably good quality of bongs may cost you around $150, and few amazing bongs are available under $100 too.

4. What is percolator?

Perc is a component of the bong that helps to filter the smoke. They are available in all shapes and sizes. So, their price can vary accordingly. Few percolators are inbuilt in the bongs, while few others may come as attachments.

5. What is down-stem?

The slide on a bong is called down-stem, which is a small glass piece, attached to your bowl pack, and then goes into the water of bong that will get held in the body. Generally, the design of the down-stem is thin so it can filter the smoke.

6.  What is ice catch?

Ice catch is a glass piece, which is part of the bong designed for holding ice in the tube for adding extra filtration and smoothness to your hits.

7.  Whether bongs are a healthier option as compared to any other smoking methods?

Although any type of smoking is not healthy but studies shown that bongs having diffused down-stems can filter up to 99% carcinogens and particulates from the smoke.

8. Why people tend to prefer bongs?

The following are a few reasons why people prefer bongs.

  • Much smoother
  • Can conserve supplies for much longer
  • Provide larger hits
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in many different varieties
  • Replaceable parts
  • Can get upgraded easily
  • Last longer
  • Better value
  1. How to know which attachments can fit the bong?

Usually, most dab rigs/bongs that you buy online must have the precise descriptions with measurements of all their joint sizes. There is a list, which defines what attachment size fits them.

10. How to clean the bong?

The best way of cleaning any bong will be to mix vinegar with room temperature water along with bong cleaning agents.

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