Things to Consider While Choosing Right Size of Chandelier

Often it is quite tricky to determine the right size of chandelier for any room. By choosing small sized chandelier, it will be very difficult to notice it and on the other hand, if the chandelier size is too big, then it will completely overwhelm your space.

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Following are few quick tips to choose your chandelier size.

  1. If the room size is less than size 10′ x 10′ then the fixture must be 17″- 20″ wide.
  2. In case your room is of the dimension 12′ x 12′ then the fixture must be 22″ – 27″ wide.
  3. For room size of around 14 feet x 14 feet, your fixture must be 24″ – 32″ wide.

What are the general rules applied?

1. To decide Chandelier diameter

First measure the length and width of your area in feet, and after that sum them up, which is the approximate diameter of your chandelier in the unit of inches.

As an example, let us say that the length of the room is 16 feet and width 8 feet. Then the diameter of chandelier shall be 16+8=24, and thus 24 inches is the diameter of your chandelier. 

2. To decide chandelier’s height  

Here too you need to measure the distance between ceiling to floor and then multiply it by 2.5. This is going to be approximate height for your chandelier in inches.

As an example, if the ceiling to floor height is 11 feet then 11X2.5 =27.5 inches will be the chandelier’s height 

3. Decide the height where chandelier has to be hanged

In case you want to hang the chandelier on any open floor, then the bottom of the chandelier should be minimum seven feet away from floor.

However, if you have decided to hang the chandelier above any dining table, then bottom of chandelier must be 30 – 36” away from tabletop.

Few other rules

1. Dining room

If your dining table has 32 inches width and 66” in length then:

  • If you prefer round chandelier the diameter of your chandelier shall be in between 16 i.e. 32X/2 to 21 i.e. 32X2/3
  • For rectangular chandelier, the width chosen must be between 16 – 21 inches and its length should between 33 inches i.e. 66X1/2 and 44 inches i.e.  66X2/3.

2. 2-story foyer with staircase

Following guidelines will be applied:

  • Use second floor as reference point and hang your chandelier slightly below on top of staircase.
  • If there is a large transparent window located above the door, then it will be centered in window to get best visual from outside.

3. Long half ways

In case you prefer to decorate by using chandelier for the long hallways then following will be always recommended.

  • Centered in middle of your hallway
  • Must be spaced between 8 to 10 feet apart
  • Minimum 7½ feet clearance from the floor to chandelier’s bottom.

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