Tips To Sharpen Your Facebook Ad Strength

Facebook ads carry incredible strength. You can target any kind of customers using different ad format. The customization potential of creating Facebook ads is extraordinary. You have to get your options RIGHT to make the ads work in your favor.

Facebook advertising tool is a little complex, even for skilled online marketers. They can take help from Facebook advertising agency like Australian Internet Advertising or use the tips given below to optimize their social media marketing campaign. However, the experts at AIA can maximize your ROI with unique and targeted ads. They understand your market needs to create a campaign that converts highly.

Tips to hone your Facebook ad strength

Retarget your already engaged customers

Retargeting programs carry high low CPCs and high conversion rates. The users you will retarget already know your business. You only need to convince them a little more to convert. The two different categories you can retarget includes –

  1. Your blog subscribers, email subscribers, and past customer base. Create a retargeting program that comprises of relevant timely offers.
  2. People who currently interacted on your site or offline store in-person. Show them the same items some days later to nudge them in purchasing.

Make sure to create relevant messaging!

Video is a valuable content

Video allows creating stories to attain better results. Text goes unread, but people like to watch 20-sec videos. It offers sufficient space to pass your message and make an impact. Run an appealing video campaign on brand storytelling targeted towards lookalike audience or new cold traffic.

You can create a retargeting ad program for users who watched the video ad for 10 seconds with a free offer like consultation or eBook.

Placement strategies

Facebook ads can be run, on mobile or desktop, or both. You can gain exposure from different locations on and off Facebook as well as other social networks. Different placements affect your campaign differently. For example, mobile users may be less interested in purchasing, but likely to engage.

Instagram placements are more costly than Facebook but yield high engagement. Newsfeed ads perform better than Facebook’s right column ads. When you create the ads, edit the placement options. Therefore consider placement carefully.

Keep relevance score high & frequency low

Facebook ads platform offers two metrics, which you must never overlook. The frequency will tell how often the user views the same ad version. If the frequency score is 3, it means the user saw your ad 3 times. It is great. The frequency has to be 3 or low. If the frequency is more and still the user did not convert, then it is bad for your campaign.

The relevancy score has to be high. Facebook rates your ad on 1 to 10 scales and evaluates your ad relevancy. It is based on Facebook algorithms and responses got. Views, likes, shares, comments, and clicks are positive engagements that can increase your score. People hiding your ad can lower your score. You need to aim for more than 8 scores.

Professional ad consultants can help you use the Facebook ad system properly to gain those high ROIs with reduced ad cost and improved conversion rates.

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