Fixing Water Leakages in Your Home by Turning off the Water Source

Are your sinks and faucets leaking? Every night you must hear the water hitting your bathroom floor, leading to sleepless nights. This can be frustrating and can spoil your entire day. You decide to take the bull by its horns and resolve the issue.

Identifying the Source of the Problem

When you see a leak, you must first try to understand where this is coming from. Is it a loose bolt? Is your pipeline leaking or any broken parts that need to be replaced? If you are unable to identify the issue, then it is better to call in the experts.

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When you determine the source of your water leak, the next step involves shutting off your water supply. You might need to drain the water from your flush tanks. The main water supply is located at multiple places in your homes. Depending on where the leakage is, you need to close the water source from that area.

Locations in Your Home Where Water Supply Can be Shut Off

Take care while shutting off the water valves. Valves can be of two designs. One is your gate valves that need to be rotated at the counter-clock direction to close or open. The other is a ball valve that needs to be parallel to the pipe direction.

Do not apply too much pressure to close the valves. If these get broken in the process, you will have to invest in a new one.

Some of the common locations where your main water valves are located are:

  • Near your water meter
  • Below sinks or pipes
  • In your utility space or outside your house where your main pipeline runs
  • Next to your water heater

The water valve near the water meter might be off-limits to customers. If the fault is likely near the water meter, you need to contact your municipal water supply department.

If the leak is coming from your sinks and faucets, you will find a water value below the water pipes. You need to turn these off. In the case of refrigerators, you might mind a small valve on the supply tub that controls the water flow.

If the problem is with the entire water pipes in the household, then you might need to switch off the main valve to resolve the issue.

If your water heater is leaking, then you will find a valve located below or side of the heater that needs to shut. You might find two valves, one that controls the cold water, generally marked in blue, and the other that controls the hot water, marked in red.


Turning off the right water supply is a crucial step in any plumbing service. If you shut off the wrong water supply, it will disrupt the other activities in your home.

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