Which Type of Driving is the best – Manual or Automatic?

People who are new to driving are often confused and need professional help to decide whether to start learning to drive with a manual or automatic car. Experts suggest that you opt for manual driving. This is because once you are pro with it, learning automatic driving will be a cakewalk for you.

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Both manual and automatic driving has its own pros and cons that you need to know before deciding. There are certain factors that you need to look into before you choose between these two, which are as follows –

  • The type of car you have at home

If you are planning to learn driving using your car then you need to check whether it is manual or automatic and then you decide accordingly. Find an instructor who would teach you driving with the type of car you have.

  • Plans of traveling to the other states

If you are planning to travel to other states in future then you would need to learn manual driving. Australians like driving automatic cars, but when you move out of Australia you may need to rent a car. So, at that time you may have to drive a manual car. Outside Australia people prefer to drive manual car.

You must be ready with manual driving to obtain your international driving license. If You have no plans of traveling to other countries then automatic driving is fine.

  • Do you prefer easier driving or prefer taking challenges?

Most of the drivers would prefer to drive manually, it would help you to build confidence in your driving and also keeps you attentive when you drive. However, some of them prefer to use automatic because they feel changing gears distract them from driving and they cantconcentrate on road.

In this case, the choice is yours. It depends on what you think and also on your comfort.

  • Do you wish to drive heavy vehicles in future?

If you wish to drive heavy vehicles then you must get a Class C license. If you have this license, you can drive different type of cars, jeep, and heavy load vehicles. In this case, you have to learn manual driving because most of the heavy vehicles do not have an automatic driving facility in it.

You must choose manual transmission driving lessons to drive different types of vehicles.

Based on these factors you might take a call what to choose. Choosing automatic or manual does not play an important role. However, learning to drive from a professional driving instructor would give you on-road experience and also builds confidence in you and makes you a professional driver.

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