How to Place Order for Water Pipes from Online Head Shop

Nowadays many people like to treat smoke shops almost like a big brother of dispensaries. Before marijuana received medical status, these shops were engaged in marketing bongs, water pipes, bowls, whip-its, tobacco, chillums which were all adult-specific paraphernalia.

Bongs and water pipes are filtration devices generally used for smoking tobacco, concentrates herbs and essential oils. If you need water pipes then you can always buy from any online head shop or from any local head shop too.

However, any online headshop will store wide selection of very good quality of water pipes and other smoking accessories like:

  • Bongs
  • Bubblers
  • Grinders
  • Hand pipes
  • Mats
  • N-butane packs
  • Recyclers
  • Rigs
  • Storage beakers
  • Titanium nails
  • Vape pens
  • Vaporizers

So then how can you place order for your items from any online head-shop? Actually, it is quite simple and straightforward. You need to follow these steps as mentioned below:

1. Log in to the relevant website

We are now living in the internet age and many of you must have purchased some or the other items from any online store. Headshops are also not any different.

Like any other website, first you will have to log in into the relevant online headshop. By logging in you will open the website for the shop that you have chosen and a new window will open in your browser.

In case, you are first time buyer then you need to register yourself so that you will get necessary user ID and password for logging in. You can also log in through your social media and email account too.

2. Choose your product

As you visit to the relevant website you will get to know about host of products that the online store is dealing with. You can also get the brief details along with their pictures and specifications in order to make your right selection.

You can now choose your product that you want to place order.

3. Order

After you have successfully logged in into the relevant website, now you can place the order after you have made your selection. You can also find many relevant items that you can browse.

After making your selection based on your required specification that you prefer to buy you can now click on the link “add to cart” and all the items, which you have chosen will get added to your list of shopping item. You can add many other items if you like.

4. Check

Before you place your order, it is necessary to check once again whether the product selections that you have made are your right choice. You can also check their price and the total cost that you have to pay for buying all those items.

You can always change or delete any product that does not meet your choice at this stage too. Having made doubly sure, you need to select your payment option. There will be a number of online payment options available and you need to choose based on what is convenient to you.

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