Various Factors Which Affect the Cost of Divorce Procedure

Like any legal procedure, cost is one of the factors that you need to know when it comes to filing a divorce petition. A prior estimation of the cost of divorce case will give you a clarity of how much finances you will require for the execution of the task. Let us learn about these factors in detail.

Factors that determine the cost of a divorce procedure

Cost of a divorce procedure depends on several factors such as:

  • the duration for divorce procedure,
  • the kind of divorce procedure used,
  • how much critical is the need for divorce,
  • does the couple have kids, nature of investment (Too many complicated investments would increase the cost of the divorce process, as there will be several issues to resolve)
  • Also, if there are savings such as pension and retirement accounts to divide, then it can increase the cost of the case.
  • If as per your circumstances, you need to take assistance of forensic accountants, mortgage brokers, real estate appraisers, financial planners, business evaluators, custody evaluators, private investigators, and more. The cost of these professionals will quickly get added and can lead to a big number easily.
  • If you and your spouse used to file income taxes jointly, then it saved a lot of money on income taxes. After your divorce, you need to file income tax returns as one entity. This implies, you will be entitled to pay income tax at a higher rate. is the best assistance to get all information regarding divorce.
  • Real Estate Expenses also have an impact on selling of your house. This is because of the divorce, that you will be required to pay the fees of realtor and closing charges of the sale. If the house is in need of repairs, then you will need to pay for it too.

How much do divorce lawyers charge for a case?

The fees that divorce lawyers charge from their client’s range between $250 to $500 per hour basis. The more critical your case is, the more time will be needed to spend on the case. This will require more money to spend on it.

How to reduce the cost of divorce case?

One of the ways to reduce the cost of a divorce case is to hire a mutual lawyer and a financial planner who would resolve issues amicably and with mutual co-operation. If you don’t share an understanding with your spouse, then it becomes necessary to hire separate lawyers and financial planner.

This would increase the expense incurred in the execution of the case. If you want to save money, then choose an amicable settlement by hiring a neutral financial planner and divorce lawyer who will do the best execution of your case. To do this, it is very much essential to manage your negative emotions as it will aid you in controlling the cost of your divorce case in various ways.


So, these are the things that determine the cost of a divorce procedure. Considering all these factors would help you in making the arrangement for finance.

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