What Are The Benefits Of Using Anti Fatigue Mats On Customer Service Counters

Standing and performing any work has become the habit of so many employees. Many offices have started with ergonomic standing desks to provide a healthy work environment.

The customer service counters remain busy with people booking and enquiring about the business. With the anti-fatigue mats, the retail employees don’t have to worry about painful joints and aching. These mats also increase their productivity.

Most of the companies are providing anti-fatigue mats at the counters to provide support to all employees. Further, the customer service counters are busy while answering multiple questions from customers. They need breaks and rest while standing on their feet for hours. These mats go a long way in promoting morale in office workplaces.

Ultimate Mats provide custom logo mats suitable for schools and organizations. It helps in increasing the brand’s visibility, and you can even use it at home. The custom mats how a logo, theme, or promotional message to make customers feel welcomed. The logo is printed on the mat, telling the announcement of the company out loud.

Who uses anti-fatigue mats?

These anti-fatigue mats are used mainly by people who keep on standing for a prolonged time. Likewise, it includes people doing office work at the standing desk with a computer. Also, people at cafes, customer service counters, and operating rooms require these mats.

Things you should consider while buying anti-fatigue mats

  • Check the design

The feet require a little playground to roam around and relax. It’s important to choose designs that don’t cause slipping. Also, it should have a textured front with foam on the bottom.

  • Providing comfort

Since you will be standing all day long, prefer soft anti-fatigue mats. Secondly, it should be smooth but not that soft. You must stand on it, and too hard mats don’t give any relief.

  • Size of the mats

The mats should reasonably match the size of the standing desks. Further, a rug too small or big will be pretty awkward so, make sure it fits with the space you are putting in. Also, choose a size that won’t make you accidentally fall off.

Why use the anti-fatigue mats?

Standing for hours can have negative impacts on the body. Reports have said that employees who work while standing used 20% more energy than the seated ones. If you stand for 90 minutes, the body starts feeling stiff with discomfort in the lower limbs. Besides, some other body parts that get affected are:

  • Shoulders
  • Neck and the back

Fatigue mats help in dealing with the problem. It also lowers the static standing time. For industrial places, you can go for the thinning rugs. While, if you are at home, the thicker kitchen mats work best for you.


In modern times, people love standing and doing their works. And because of this, the fatigue mats have become so much essential. By providing these mats in the office space, you can take care of employee’s health.

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